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Daphne Wright, CPA, CFP®

Financial Advisor

(703) 345-0615

(888) 883-4807

Daphne combines over two decades of successful experience in financial advising, investment planning, and tax. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional,  Investment Advisor Representative, and Certified Public Accountant, she integrates her combined competencies to provide comprehensive advising and education on financial matters. She is experienced in developing coordinated strategies that address a broad range of client concerns. As a planner, she offers guidance that helps individuals and families create and preserve wealth, improve household finances, and implement actions towards pursuing personal and financial goals. Through her brokerage affiliation with LPL Financial , she offers independent advisory and investment services. She is dedicated to the prudent stewardship of her client’s assets and to assisting them with implementing effective wealth-building investment strategies.

A passion for teaching keeps her regularly engaged as a financial educator and requested speaker. As an ardent proponent for financial literacy education, she is actively involved with several financial literacy projects and financial education programs. She separately operates an independent tax practice as a CPA, providing services to individuals and unincorporated small businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, completed a 2-year postgraduate Personal Financial Planning program through the College for Financial Planning in Denver, CO, and earned a Masters in Financial Services from the Institute of Business and Finance.

Associates and Professional Networks

Implementing a successful financial plan or strategy often requires an integration of other services and professionals. In coordinating services, I work collaboratively with a number of associates that specialize in different subject areas and am engaged with a network of qualified professionals to provide referrals associated with specific planning recommendations. Collaborative or referral services may include:

  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Disability Income Specialists
  • Business Tax Professionals
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Credit Counselors
  • Elder Care Specialist
  • Medicare Benefit Specialist
  • Loan Officers
  • Real-estate Agents
  • Long Term Care Consultants
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Tax Attorneys
  • Probate Attorneys
  • Housing Counselors