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Women and Wealth

Client Centered

When it comes to finances, women often have different experiences than their male counterparts which can present unique challenges in addressing their finances.

  • Women have a longer life expectancy than men
  • Women often have lower earnings and fewer savings
  • Women are more likely to take career breaks for caregiving
  • Women are more likely at some point in their lives to live alone
  • Women tend to invest more conservatively than men

Decisions about finances aren’t always easy or convenient. I am committed to educating clients, many whom are women. It is critical for women to be able to make competent choices that affect their economic outcomes. You may benefit from working with a financial professional that can help you take control of your financial life, gain better understanding of your investment options or develop a financial planning strategy. Please contact me to schedule a consult or group seminar. Email me

Women's Questionnaire